Grieving Families Act – Really Danny Burgess?

Rep Danny Burgess, our very own East Pasco Representative, has now co-sponsored what may be the cruelest bill of this session HB101. Danny wants to require any woman who suffers a miscarriage to record the miscarriage with the state. Included in the filing would be the gender of the fetus and also the name of the fetus. Any woman who has suffered a miscarriage will carry the loss for the rest of her life. Requiring a woman to record this loss with the state and then having it become part of the public record for anyone, even years from now, to have access electronically borders on being obscene. Is this really an example of smaller government Rep Burgess?

If this bill being co-sponsored by Danny Burgess bothers you, please contact his office and tell him how you feel and ask him to remove HB101. His District Office phone number is 813-717-5038

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