Bill Akins-Pasco’s Newest Celebrity

Bill Akins was known by few people before yesterday. Yet he found a way to become a national celebrity and the face of the Republican Party of Pasco that is stuck in time. Akins is the Secretary of the Pasco County Republican Party. It is a position to which a person is elected by the members of the REC. Saturday when it was his turn to speak at Bilirakis’ Town Hall Bill Akins resurrected DEATH PANELS. When the crowd tried to loudly fact check him, Bill Akins called the audience children. Leaping from lies to insults just showed Pasco what the leadership of the Republican Party of Pasco really thinks of the voters. It doesn’t stop there. The Washington Post explored Akins’ FaceBook page they found it very interesting (FaceBook link here). Akins posted stories ranging from: chemicals being dropped on us by jets to Scalia might have been murdered and on and on. Again, Bill Akins is an elected official of the Pasco Republican Party. He was hardly acting in a vacuum. Among his FaceBook friends…Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano and Pasco County Commissioner Mike Moore.

If you voted for any Republican including Mariano and Moore, did you realize that you were bringing Bill Akins and the Pasco Republican Party along?

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