Bill Akins Says Too Much…And Leaves Much Unsaid

Bill Akins, Secretary of the Pasco County Republican Party, became an international celebrity when he tried to speak of the Politifact lie of the year of 2009 at Congressman Bilirakis’ town hall. The Washington Post examined his FaceBook page and found it filled with racist and conspiracy posts. The sheet had been pulled off the well dressed face of the GOP in Pasco to expose the party’s real beliefs.
Tuesday the Tampa Bay Times published an article that allowed Akins to walk back his comments, kind of…
Akins stated in the article that if he had been allowed to finish he would have spoken of the IPAB; a provision that was never implemented. NOT TRUE! As can be seen in this video he spoke specifically of Death Panels that anyone over age 74 would have to face. This review panel was designed to review issues in Washington, not locally. Again, in the article he said he is entitled to his own views expressed in his FaceBook posts. True, but let us realize that calling African Americans monkeys is racist and that the other posts are material of tin foil hat conspiracies.
Randy Evans, chair of the Pasco County Republican Party, is quoted as saying “this is a teaching moment.” Is this a teaching moment when a Republican official lies to us? A teaching moment when a Republican official calls meeting attendees children? A teaching moment when a Republican official is outed as a racist? Is there any attempt to walk back anything? Of course not. Where is the reaction of Republican leadership? Where is the reaction of Republican elected officials, of Gus Bilirakis who was standing there? Pasco County Commisioners Mariano and Moore are FaceBook friends of Akins and surely saw his posts. Have any of them tried to distance themselves from this exposure of hatred? Only one elected Republican has spoken out about this display and that has been Mike Fasano.
Pasco voters, until we hear otherwise we can only presume that this hatred and ugliness we have seen is the true face of the Republican party of Pasco.

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