Bill Akins Resigns, But The Stench Remains

Bill Akins, the internationally known Secretary of the Republican Party of Pasco, resigned the other day. He did so not because of any reason other than, “According to the loyalty oath I signed with REC, I’m not supposed to be making any statements, even if I want to do so as a private citizen, before running it past the REC and the chairman of the Republican Party” He resigned because he felt his right to speak was restricted by his loyalty oath to the Republican Party. Too bad he feels that way. He should have resigned because of his FaceBook posts. His posts ranged from comparing African Americans to monkeys to airplane chemtrails are a public health risk to Hillary Clinton murdered her political opponents and on and on; you get the idea. He is a certifiable racist with tendencies to be close to the fringe edge.
So Bill Akins is gone. Good riddance. So what about the Pasco Republican Party? What is their reaction to the outing of their Secretary being a Racist. After all, it was the Pasco Republican Party that elected Akins their Secretary. Two of Pasco County’s Commissioners are his FaceBook friends and surely saw those posts. Where is the pressure on Republican leadership to apologize to registered Republicans? Chairman Randy Evans and State Committeeman Bill Bunting are more than happy to be interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times and say no one pressured Akins to resign. Neither of those two said one word about the hideous postings. Apparently neither of those two leaders of the Republican party thought that anything was out of the ordinary.
Both Evans and Bunting live in West Pasco. If you see them ask them why they are silent. Call the office of the Pasco Republican Party at 727-863-5400 and ask for them.

Pasco Voters ask yourself a question; are these people representing my values and if not, why should I vote for their candidates at any level.

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