Rep Bilirakis Supports Death Panel Claim

Up until this point the focus of Rep. Bilirakis’ town hall meeting was Bill Akins, the disgraced Secretary of the Republican Party of Pasco County. What has been overlooked is Bilirakis saying the death panel lie is not a lie but the truth. Watch this video and witness Akins resurrect the death panel lie. At around the 20 second mark Akins speaks the words, “death panel” and the audience goes wild with boisterous fact checking. The claim of death panels was laid to rest by Politifact calling it the lie of the year of 2009. At around the 1:15 mark Akins asks. “Is it not true Congressman” seeking support for the death panel claim, Gus shakes his head affirmatively to that question. YES, GUS SUPPORTED THE CLAIM THAT THERE ARE DEATH PANELS. Now there has been no word from Gus or his office about Gus’ position on the existence of death panels despite many requests from constituents. Why is Gus silent on this issue? Does he support the death panel claim or does he not want to embarrass a Republican Party supporter? Either way, the people of Pasco County deserve an answer from our elected official. Why not call his local office at 727-232-2921 and ask him for a public answer.

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