New Port Richey’s Mayoral Race

The candidate chosen by Republican Party big wigs is very concerned about blight taking place adjacent to the New Port Richey city line and rightfully so.  His focus on this issue is so intense that he posted a Tampa Bay times article (available here) on his campaign Facebook page and included the blight in a video he has prepared and also posted on his page.  One small problem, our city can not fix problems that take place in unincorporated New Port Richey, or simply put, Pasco County land.  This candidate is a former member of the Sheriff’s Department.  If he was really tight with the Sheriff this problem would have been gone with one phone call.  Maybe he did not do anything because he wanted to wait until he was campaigning and use this as an issue. Either way, if this candidate wanted to show he was a mover and a shaker he would have done something and then take credit for it.  Not that the city has not tried to make things happen.  At one time Pasco County suggested that the City of New Port Richey annex the property so the city could address the issues.

I guess this challenger could not find any serious issues within the city limits.

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