Does Gus Hear Us?


After three town hall meetings, speaking to hundreds and hundreds of constituents, loads of emails and paper mail promising to protect the 277,000 in his Congressional District with pre-existing conditions, Gus voted for the AHCA. The bill he supported will protect those with pre-existing conditions…if…you don’t lose your job and lose coverage …if…your state does not apply for a waiver and allow you to drop through the cracks and on and on.

Gus’ vote was so puzzling that even the Tampa Bay Times had an article about Gus ignoring the obvious needs of the people of Pasco.  Can we make Gus change his thinking?  Keep calling his office:

New Port Richey – 727-232-2921

Washington – 202-225-5755

There are plenty of things wrong with the AHCA.  House leadership did not allow the CBO to tell them the costs of the bill, poor stewards of our treasury.  If he does not start to think of us, there is only one answer, Repeal and Replace Gus.


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