DON’T DELAY: Return Your “Vote by Mail” Ballots ASAP

The Pasco County Supervisor of Election mailed out Vote by Mail Ballots back on July 24.  You should not only have your ballot by now, but should have returned your ballot by now.

NOTE:  If you HAVE NOT RECEIVED your Vote by Mail Ballot yet, immediately call the Supervisor of Elections Office at 800-851-8754.


Here in Pasco County, “Vote by Mail Ballots” are the first ballots that get counted AND the first voting results that get announced on election night just after polls close.  The sooner you get your ballot returned, the sooner you’ll stop receiving robocalls and campaign calls reminding you!  

If you have additional questions or want to volunteer, contact the Pasco Democratic Party at  If you want to help elect Democratic candidates here in Pasco County, please donate to the Pasco Democratic Party by clicking here. 

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