BRING IT HOME together, Florida!

The wait is over:  Andrew Gillum has selected his former “campaign rival” Chris King to be Florida’s next Lieutenant Governor!  We definitely have THE WINNING TICKET with Chris as a progressive running mate.  Get involved, volunteer here in Pasco, donate money, whatever you can do so DEMOCRATS GET ELECTED throughout Pasco County … throughout the state of Florida … and serving us in Washington, DC.  Visit the Florida Democratic Website and sign up here at TO VOLUNTEER and TO DONATE

One thought on “BRING IT HOME together, Florida!

  • October 12, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    Just received GOP Sample Ballot for who to vote for. My wife is a Dem, I am a IND.
    We support the Dem party, after what has happened to our State for the last 8 years, and my Country under Trump’s BS
    for the last 2years. This is the biggest most important vote of our lives.
    Thank you,
    Don T. Smith


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