Vote by Mail Ballots MUST BE RECEIVED by the Supervisor of Elections Office by 7pm on Election Day.

DO NOT MAIL IT at this point if you want your vote to count.

  1. Bring it to one of the three Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Offices on Monday or Tuesday.  You can designate anyone you like to bring it in for you if you are unable to do it yourself.
  2. Go to your regular polling location.  Cancel your Vote by Mail Ballot.  You will be handed a REGULAR BALLOT.

DID YOU KNOW THAT Vote by Mail Ballots are the first ballots counted and the first results announced on Election Night?  DID YOU KNOW THAT you can track receipt of your Vote by Mail Ballot by the Supervisor of Elections Office right on their website at

Contact the Pasco Democratic Party with any questions regarding Vote by Mail or Early Voting at OR call us at 727-844-3367.

To reach the Supervisor of Elections Office:  call their office at 800-851-8754 or visit their website at

REMEMBER:  When Democrats vote — DEMOCRATS WIN! 

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