THANK YOU PASCO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES for stepping up after the election of ’45 and for challenging the status quo in the belief that we are stronger together in fighting for civil rights and access to the ballot box as we move our state forward.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS, DONORS AND COMMUNITY LEADERS for sharing the progressive vision that prioritizes quality education, affordable health care and an economy in which anyone who works hard can succeed.

Each of you made huge sacrifices to serve the greater good and put community first, both here in Pasco and Tallahassee, as well as in Washington, DC.  We came together to flip traditionally Republican seats in the effort to build a Florida that is more inclusive and representative of our Democratic Party principles and values.  Volunteers and supporters came together throughout Pasco County in our shared vision that ties our party together:  we are greater together than on our own  …  that this country succeeds when EVERYONE gets a fair shot  … that each one of us must play by the same set of rules.  We are the party focused on building an economy that lifts up ALL AMERICANS, not just those at the top.  Instead of favoring political insiders, we will continue to fight for meaningful ethics reform that drains the special interest swamp here in Pasco, in Tallahassee and in Washington.

United States House of Representatives (District 12):  Chris Hunter

 Florida State Senate (District 10):   Michael Cottrell

Florida State Senate (District 16):  Amanda Murphy

Florida State Senate (District 20): Kathy Lewis

Florida State House (District 36):   Dr. Linda Jack

Florida State House (District 37):   Tammy Garcia

Board of County Commissioners (District 2):  Kelly Smith

Board of County Commissioners (District 4):  Brandi Geoit

Mosquito Control (Seat 2):   Andy Carney

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