STOP SB 7030: Tell Ed Hooper “No Guns in Classrooms”

TAKE ACTION:  The State Senate is likely to vote on Senate Bill 7030 allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms.  WE URGE YOU to call Senator Ed Hooper today (Sunday) and leave a message on his answering machine and/or call him Monday.  Call his District Office in Palm Harbor at 727-771-2102 or his Tallahassee Office at 850-487-5016.  It is critical that as many people as possible tell him WE DO NOT SUPPORT bringing guns into the classroom.  Key talking points can be found at

IMPORTANT:  The Senate has rejected Amendments to the bill that would have removed the provision to arm teachers.  Under the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program signed into law last year, “individuals who exclusively perform classroom duties as classroom teachers” are currently exempt from the program.  SB 7030 REPEALS that provision and children could be exposed to guns in the classroom, cafeteria, gym and playground.  Our teachers and administrators have stated THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE ARMED.  Our students have stated THEY DO NOT WANT THEIR TEACHERS TO BE ARMED.  The only people who should have access to firearms on campus are highly trained law enforcement officers.

For more background information please visit at this link:

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