Why won’t Randy Maggard Face Voters to Debate Democrat Kelly Smith?


RANDY MAGGARD is afraid to debate Democratic candidate Kelly Smith. For over a month, Republican nominee Maggard has dodged requests from The League of Women Voters, refusing to participate in a public debate against Democrat Kelly Smith ahead of East Pasco’s June 18 Special Election in HD-38.

“How can the Republican Nominee ask for the vote
when he’s not willing to TALK TO THE VOTERS?”

Pasco Democratic Party Chair John Ford issued the following press release to media: “What is it with Republican candidates who won’t commit to debate their Democrat opponents? Why won’t Randy Maggard discuss issues or answer policy questions? What is he so afraid of? By ignoring repeated requests by Pasco’s League of Women Voters, the Republican nominee’s unwillingness to participate in public debate is an insult to Pasco voters who should have the chance to ask questions of their candidates.”

“It sure looks like the Republican candidate is afraid to debate our Democratic candidate Kelly Smith one-on-one. The voters in House District 38 should take Randy Maggard to task for his refusal to participate. It’s unfortunate that only when there is a political price to pay for NOT participating will some candidates actually be willing to expose themselves fully to the electorate. I’ll remind Mr. Maggard that Kelly Smith quickly qualified by petition which shows that the voters of House District 38 are anxious for positive change”

The League of Women Voters’ format for the Forum included ample time for candidates to introduce themselves, to take questions from the floor and to ask each other questions.

“A hallmark of American democracy is debate.  The League of Women Voters has a long history of hosting nonpartisan candidate forums to educate the American people and help voters learn about the candidates on their ballot.  Attending or watching a candidate debate is one of the best ways to learn more about a candidate and his or her stance on key issues before casting your vote.  The Democratic Party strongly believes that an “informed” electorate is essential to the proper functioning of our government.  Candidates are responsible for informing the electorate as part of our democratic system.”

Vote by Mail Ballots will hit East Pasco mailboxes in District 38 this week. Voters have until Monday, May 20th to register to vote in the June 18th Special Election. Go to the Pasco Supervisor of Elections website or call 800-851-8754.

For more information about Democratic candidate Kelly Smith, visit her website at kellyforpasco.com and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.