UPDATE: Where’s Randy Maggard?

A prominent local news organization wanted to host an on-air debate between the two candidates running in East Pasco’s HD-38 Special Election. It seems that the Republican candidate is “not available” no matter the date and no matter the time offered by the prominent local news organization. What is the Republican Randy Maggard so afraid of? Why is he in hiding this entire election cycle unwilling to face Democratic candidate Kelly Smith? There have been multiple invitations for public debates and forums and Maggard has refused to participate in every single one.

For anyone thinking of voting for the Republican nominee, consider this: if Randy Maggard is not available now when he is asking for your vote, how available will he be if he is in office?

The time is now to cast your vote for Democrat Kelly Smith. She knows the issues facing the voters of East Pasco and has been discussing those issues throughout this election. Democratic candidate Kelly Smith for Pasco County said “YES .. WHERE .. WHEN” to each debate invite. Republican Randy Maggard is the “CHICKEN NOMINEE” who hunkered down in total hiding this entire special election cycle, unwilling to face Pasco voters and scared of any public media scrutiny from the League of Women Voters and definitely fearful of a televised broadcast debate that would make him look like he has no ideas to help Pasco County. Go to https://kellyforpasco.com/ and let’s send Kelly Smith to Tallahassee to represent House District 38.

He hides from voters, he hides from debates, he hides from the press.