Your Democratic Candidates

Listed below are the current Federal, State and Local Pasco County candidates who have qualified to be on the 2020 ballot.  

Each of the candidates was asked to provide us with their campaign information and a statement. We have included hyperlinks where possible for your convenience.  The Pasco Democratic Party encourages you to get to know who is running for office by attending campaign events, visiting candidate websites and following social media such as Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. 

Here is a helpful chart from the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections with voter registration deadlines and election dates. 

United States House of Representatives

District 12

Kimberly Walker





Why I am running?

Nothing has prepared me more for Congress than my personal varied experiences in life.  As I worked as a correctional officer, I oversaw inmates who made mistakes, yet once they paid their debt to society, deserved a second chance.  As a veteran who served in the Army and Air Force, I continue to live by the military code: selfless service and putting the welfare of the nation before your own.  As a parent I wanted my child to have a good education and a better life.  As an African American who is in a same sex marriage, I want to be treated equally because we all are made in the eyes of God.  I have a background in Information Technology and I see the benefits of emerging technology, but also know technology can be used a weapon. 

I am running because like most Americans I am tired of the rising cost of healthcare.  I have seen my mother pay exorbitant cost for her medication because the pharmaceutical companies abuse the patent system so they can raise the price of drugs. 

I have heard from teachers, who education the future generations, force to work two jobs in order to make ends meet.  I have seen the constant cuts in or education system which makes it harder for teachers to have the tools they need to prepare our kids for the future.

We are experiencing more extreme weather in our environment and nothing is being done by this administration to fix it.  I am running because I believe I can introduce bold new ideas given my unique life experiences.  America is already great, I want to make it better and we need to move forward not backwards.  Please visit my website for more information on my campaign and how I want to move America forward.

Florida State House

District 36: Daniel Endonino

Facebook: Daniel Endonino for Florida House District 36

I have decided to run to represent Florida House District 36 because I am tired of representatives ignoring the will of their constituents.  As a working-class resident of Port Richey, I know what it’s like for the majority of people in the district to live and work here every day and I am committed to defending those needs and values in Tallahassee.  By not taking donations from big corporations or PACs, I will be voting in the interests of the people of West Pasco and won’t be bought by a party or corporation.  My platform points include:

Education: I am a strong supporter of public education and believe wholeheartedly in spending our funding on the public school system.  I strongly disagree with the recent legislative decision to fund vouchers and charter schools while diverting funding from public education.

Environment: I grew up swimming in the waters of Hudson Beach every weekend and now, due to pollution and bacteria, that is impossible.  We need to be vigilant about our run off, especially from large developments and sugar farms that prevent the natural filtering of overflow through the Everglades.These businesses must be held accountable in order to protect the ecosystems off of our shores.  Florida should be leading the charge in solar power and we need to increase the incentives for it. 

Health Care: I strongly believe that we need someone in Tallahassee to fight for coverage for the people of not only West Pasco, but all the counties like Pasco in Florida, by expanding Medicaid.



Facebook: A.J. Arestia for Florida House District 36



Why am I running?

I’m running to get things done in Pasco and the forgotten communities across Florida.

For too long have political vampires “represented” Pasco. Our older communities have been left neglected. Our homeless have been left abandoned. Our students and teachers have been left to the wayside, unheard and virtually powerless. Our energy resources have been squandered by corporate greed monopolizing the market. Our healthcare resources better serve the interests of insurance companies than patients.

As a 20 year native of Holiday, of modest means and working-class upbringing, I think it’s time we take back control and do something, the pillars of my platform are:

I aim to give students a voice to tackle emergent problems in our education system by creating channels of communication directly with district school boards and want to give teachers and union workers a voice by fighting to amend “right to work” laws.

Energy & Environment
I want to address the need to shift from fossil fuels by offering the hard numbers on how alternative energy can directly benefit residents via a public benefit assessment and aim to shift the course of environmental policy by requiring research experts be part of policy decisions.

Housing & Community Development
I want to tackle homelessness by interconnecting and expanding access to public resources and programs and want to shift infrastructure and community development focus back on older, neglected communities.

While the national healthcare debate continues, I want us to fight to lead the charge at the state-level by working to get state-level preventative healthcare to the people of Florida via a free walk-in clinic initiative, so nobody dies needlessly at the hands of insurance companies.

District 37

District 38

Clerk of Circuit Court and County Comptroller

Property Appraiser


Superintendent of Schools

Supervisor of Elections

Tax Collector

County Commissioner

District 1

District 3

District 5: Brandi Geoit

Facebook:  Geoit for Pasco
Phone:  727-835-5039

I am running for office in Pasco County because I believe the people of Pasco deserve a local government that listens to them.  I am used to fighting for people and will bring my advocacy skills to the office and my fighting spirit.  I believe that the people of Pasco deserve better.   They deserve a government that cares and will listen to them.  I will be an elected official who has their interests in mind and not those of the developers. For more information on my campaign please follow me on Twitter and Facebook and check out my website.

School Board Member

District 2

District 4

Mosquito Control

Seat 1

Seat 3