In Memoriam

Former DEC Chair Dr. Lynn W. Lindeman was a University of Oklahoma Ph.D. graduate and retired college dean. Over his lifetime, he held numerous leadership positions in professional and civic organizations. He was first elected to head the Pasco Democratic Party in January 2012 and served until January 2014.

Under his leadership, the Pasco DEC:
  • opened and staffed campaign offices for the 2012 and 2014 elections
  • provided guidance to Democrats on the 2012 and 2014 Ballot Amendments and Judge Retention Votes
  • pushed for the County Commission to close the Gun Show Loophole
  • protested Senator Marco Rubio’s votes on gun safety and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act
  • awarded scholarships to Pasco students
  • held fundraisers “Lunch with Charlie,” Spring Fling,  and “Celebrating Labor’s Volunteer Community Service to Tampa Bay’s Communities”
  • endorsed, campaigned for and elected Representative Amanda Murphy in a special election
  • recruited, ran petition drives, and campaigned for 2014 candidates Beverly Ledbetter, Erika Remsberg, and Amanda Murphy.
DEC Members Remember Lynn
We all have heard about how important having the right leader at the right time is for any organization. The Pasco Democratic Party (PDEC) had such a person become our Chairman in early 2012.

Lynn Lindeman provided us with his time and counsel without limit. No one in Pasco cared more about the future of our country, nor its citizens, than Lynn. He fought for the less fortunate to have a future, for every child to have a quality education, and the list continues. We thank you Lynn, for stepping forward and leading with courage and foresight.

So our friend and mentor, RIP, we miss your presence already. Your proud proclamations for strong American Democratic ideals will be missed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the time you spent with us and the legacy you provided.
Michael Ledbetter, Chair, PDEC

Lynn welcomed being DEC chair as a means of leading the way to a stronger Pasco Democratic Party, pumping up local voters, building the base, recruiting more Democratic candidates and winning victories. I picture him opening up meetings with an enthusiastic “I’m fired up!” His pep talks demonstrated a political passion and unflagging determination to rouse everyone else’s spirits as well.

He cared deeply about certain issues like gun violence. His open letter to the County Commissioners in December, 2012, written “on behalf of the children and parents of our county” was a plea to end the gun show loophole in Pasco County, and helped open an extended local debate. As with other issues, he pursued his efforts with spoken appeals and frequent letters to the editor, not one to give up easily when it came to something he truly cared about.

Having been DEC secretary throughout Lynn’s term as its chair, I had countless opportunities to work with him on details of agendas, plans, communications and various DEC hows and whys. Always in agreement? No, but always with candor and mutual respect. There are many fond memories of Lynn as DEC leader.

Nola Branche, Pasco DEC Secretary

My most vivid memory of Lynn was at the 2013 Party Convention in Orlando. He and I were going to lunch when we met Charlie Crist, who was coming down the corridor the other way. Charlie greeted Lynn like his long-lost brother, which impressed me, since it was pretty certain that Charlie was going to run for governor the following year. “He knows the DEC Chair of a little county like Pasco?” was my thought at the time.
My other memory of Lynn was how hard he worked when he was Chair. Every time I went to his home he was working at his desk, printing out lists of potential donors, etc.
Larry Schmitt, Heritage Pines Democratic Club President
I first met Lynn when Doris Rosen recruited me to do some computer work for the DEC.  I didn’t know that meant taking over this newsletter.  Lynn charmed me into taking on Constant Contact and into expanding the job into Communications with press releases, Facebook, and more.  He was an idea man and we spent many a phone call searching for a way to make Democrats more relevant in Pasco County.
Lynn was also brutally honest. He told Erika Remsberg whom we recruited for a County Commission run, “You’re going to lose, but you’ll be able to make the issues you care about the center of this election.” And he was right.
I was not a DEC member before 2012, so I don’t know how former Chairs fared, but it seemed to me that Lynn was able to unite us in common cause, give us a record of accomplishments, and leave us stronger.
Elaine Togneri, Pasco DEC Communications Chair
Lynn was a character who could make you feel good about your DEC activities, and drive you up the wall about his.  His Letters to the Editor were often very good.
Cal Branche, Pasco DEC Treasurer
Speaking of Lynn’s Letters:
Lynn will be long remembered for his passion about closing the Gun Show Loophole in Pasco County.
The following letter has been sent to the Pasco County Commissioners by the Democratic Party of Pasco County on behalf of the children and parents of Pasco County to take a significant step toward preventing gun violence.
The Pasco Democratic Party calls upon each of you to introduce and pass legislation to end the gun show loophole in Pasco County which allows the purchase of firearms without a background check of the purchaser. Pinellas County has passed and implemented this type of legislation.  A copy of their ordinance is attached. This legislation does not take away the rights of gun ownership. It helps ensure the safety of our children and communities by checking so that only those legally allowed to possess firearms do so. We do not want to bury our children because of firearms purchased without a background check in Pasco County.