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Chair: Lynn Lindeman  Vice Chair:   Karen Ford 

SecretaryNola Branche   Treasurer: Cal Branche  

State Committeeman:  Michael Ledbetter

State Committeewoman: Jocelyn Dickman 

 Volunteers: Joe King

Publicity/Communications:  Elaine Togneri   

Webmaster:   Cal Branche

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Amanda Murphy won re-election to the Florida House of Representatives with a convincing victory over challenger Chris Gregg.  She will now continue to fight for the values we Democrats hold dear.

And we must congratulate both Erika Remsberg and Beverly Ledbetter.  Despite a great deal of hard work their losses came as a result of their opponents outspending by many times what Erika and Beverly could raise.

 “They did us proud,” is a refrain heard after the election results were in.

Perhaps these words from Beverly will be remembered as we re-group and start to prepare for the 2016 Election:

There is an old song, "Don't Cry for me Argentina," that is apt for now. We gave it a good fight-- thank you to everyone who worked so hard in this campaign. My goal was to give people a choice and to not just hand over the seat without a challenge. And that we did. The Republicans had to work for this seat. We won some precincts, lost some. The under votes hurt as well as Democrats not voting at all. But on the really bright side, we had people, who for the first time, engaged in politics. They donated money, knocked on doors, put up signs, and made phones ring. That my dear fiends is worth it all. Special shout out to my dear friend Wilson, to Justin, to Cindy and Jean, to Jeff, to my "button brigade" East Pasco Dems Team, to Sue and Derron, to my fav daughter Courtney, Wayne, Cam, Nathan, Shannon and Ava, and specially Michael. And to all of you who volunteered and believed---my heartfelt thanks!


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